Spring2018Volume 10No. 1
The Impact of Mobile Financial Services on Visiting a Branch: The Case of the United StatesChih-Feng LiaoViewFull Text
Has China Replaced the United States as the Leader of Global Financial Trends? A Leveraged Bootstrap Causality Approach for Small Capitalization MarketsKuo-Hao Lee, Christian Grandzol, and Wei-Chih ChiangViewFull Text
Corporations to the Rescue: A New Stakeholder Paradigm? An Overview for U.S. Corporations & Financial InstitutionsElizabeth S. CoopermanViewFull Text
Audit Committee Member Tenure and Earnings ManagementMike BraswellViewFull Text
Fall/Winter2017Volume 9No. 3/4
Financing RegimesWilliam R. Pratt, Matthew Brigida, and Dave O. JacksonViewFull Text
The Trading and Non-Trading Derivatives Activities of U.S. Bank Holding CompaniesKai Chen, Joseph T. Halford, Yong-Cheol Kim, and Richard D. MarcusViewFull Text
Human Capital Theory and the U.S. For-Profit Education Industry’s Earnings Announcements During the High Unemployment Years of 2008-2010Andrew S. GriffithViewFull Text
Valuation Effects of Private M&As in ChinaLouis T. W. Cheng and Danxiao JiaoViewFull Text
Spring2017Volume 9No. 1
Firm-specific information variation and financial analysts’ target price forecastsJoong-Seok ChoViewFull Text
U.S. Skilled Immigrant Employment and Public FirmsRasha Ashraf and Rina RayViewFull Text
Private Equity Characteristics, Earnings Management & Firm ValueJiujin Li, Bo Wang, Haifeng GuoViewFull Text
Shareholder Activism for Stranded Asset Risk: An Analysis of Investor Reactions for Fossil Fuel CompaniesJohn Byrd and Elizabeth S. CoopermanViewFull Text
Fall/Winter2016Volume 8No. 3/4
Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in Controversial IndustriesJohn Byrd, Kent Hickman, C. Richard Baker, Bruno CohanierViewFull Text
Value and Growth Stocks: European EvidenceLi-Chueh TsaiViewFull Text
A Note on Testing for the Periodically Collapsing Bubbles in Japanese REIT MarketsShyh-Wei Chen, An-Chi WuViewFull Text
Do Bubbles exist in Chinese Share Markets?Tsangyao Chang, Yifei CaiViewFull Text
Accounting and Economic Biases in Donations to NGO’s: Is Scaling The New Overhead Myth In Charity Giving?John Byrd, Jane CoteViewFull Text
Spring2016Volume 8No. 1
Goodwill and Net-Worth Covenants and SFAS 141 and 142He WenViewFull Text
Why Are There Always Inconsistent Answers to the Relation Between the PPI and CPI? Re-examination using Panel Data Analysis Chih-Ping YuViewFull Text
Accounting Conservatism in Islamic BankingAmal AlAbbadViewFull Text
Does Earnings Management Explain the Long-Term Performance of Capital Reduction Firms? Yi-Kai Chen, Amy Yueh-Fang Ho, Li-Ju WangViewFull Text
Fall/Winter2015Volume 7No. 3/4
Examining the Discount-Premium Puzzle of Private Company Valuation: The Case of ChinaLouis T. W. Cheng and Simon MakViewFull Text
Nonlinear Mean Reversion in the Consumption-Income Ratio:New Evidence from the OECD CountriesShyh-Wei Chen and Zixiong XieViewFull Text
Benefit Enhancement in Public Employee Defined Benefit Pension Plans: Evidence from Three SourcesMichael Mannino and Elizabeth S. CoopermanViewFull Text
Summer2015Volume 7No. 2
Revisiting the Current Account Sustainability for the G-7 Countries:The Role of Structural Breaks and Nonlinearity Shyh-Wei ChenViewFull Text
CEO Turnover and Financial Distress Recovery: Evidence from ChinaShan-Shan Yao and Chung-Hua Shen ViewFull Text
Performance Evaluation of Islamic Banking Sector: Iranian ViewMahdi Saleh and Fatemeh KhaksarastanehViewFull Text
Organizational Commitment to Climate Change and GHG ReductionsKenneth Bettenhausen, John Byrd and Elizabeth S. CoopermanViewFull Text
Spring2015Volume 7No. 1
On Asymmetric Causality Between Stock Prices and Trading Volume for Some Developed and Emerging Stock Markets: A Preliminary AnalysisShyh-Wei Chen and Tang-Chen LiuViewFull Text
Financial Statement Misreporting: Does Monitoring Matter?Brooke W. StanleyViewFull Text
Asset Allocation Decisions for Private Banking Clients: A China ExperienceRonald K. Chung, Alice M. Chung, and Robert W. ArmstrongViewFull Text
How IFRS Affects Value Relevance and Key Financial IndicatorsYhlas SovbetovViewFull Text
Fall/Winter2014Volume 6No. 3/4
The Impact of Customer Satisfaction on Analysts’ Earnings ForecastVincent S. M. Ching, Angel A.K. Sung, Sunny Sun, Musetta SoViewFull Text
Determinants of Trade Credit Demand and Supply: EvidenceFrom Firm-Level Panel Data in Taiwan and China Chiao-Jui Pao, Jian-Hsin ChouViewFull Text
Performance of Subprime Mortgage-backed Securities Before and During the Subprime CrisisXiaoqing Eleanor XuViewFull Text
Corporate Social Responsibility, Cost of Equity and Cost of Bank LoansYuan Chang, Chia-Hui Hsieh, Tsung-Cheng Wang, Tsung-Yu HsiehViewFull Text
Summer2014Volume 6No. 2
Corporate Social Responsibility and Analyst’s RecommendationYuan Chang, Ting-Hsuan Chen, Hsiu-Hsia Chou, Yu-Fong ShenViewFull Text
Predictability of Bank Stock Returns: Evidence from the Endurance Index of Bank Investor SentimentLing T. HeViewFull Text
Towards a Framework for Private Banking Services: Evidence from Chinese Bankers Ronald K. Chung, Alice M. Chung, Robert W. ArmstrongViewFull Text
Too Big to Fail: Suggestions to Limit the Future FalloutChris de laTorre and Rutilio MartinezViewFull Text
Spring2014Volume 6No. 1
Intra-Industry Diversification and Firm Efficiency: A Study of the U.S. Insurance IndustryEkaterina E. EmmViewFull Text
CEO Compensation and Risk Taking: Evidence from the Pre-Crisis Banking IndustryRakesh Bharati and Jingyi JiaViewFull Text
Institutional investor preferences for analyst forecast accuracy: Which institutions care? Natalia Mintchik, Ashley Wang and Gaiyan ZhangViewFull Text
A Perspective of the U.S. Dollar after the Current Financial Crisis --Lessons from the Fall of the Pound Sterling and the Gold Standard after World War ILee-Rong WangViewFull Text
Fall/Winter2013Volume 5No. 3/4
Equity Incentives, Pay Gap and the Cost of Equity Capital: Evidence from Chinese Listed CompaniesTing Lei and Jianan ZhouViewFull Text
Testing the Monthly Effect of Agricultural Futures Markets with Stochastic DominanceKuei-Chih Lee, Chuan-Hao Hsu and Mei-Chu KeViewFull Text
Overreaction and Underreaction in the Commodity Futures MarketChuan-Hao Hsu, Yi-Chein Chiang and Tung Liang LiaoViewFull Text
Context-Based Sustainability and Corporate CO2 Reduction Targets: Are Companies Moving Fast Enough?John Byrd, Kenneth Bettenhausen and Elizabeth S. CoopermanViewFull Text
Summer2013Volume 5No. 2
Reprimanding Sanction,Management Demography and Turnover: Evidence from a Transitional EconomyLouis T. W. Cheng and T. Y. LeungViewFull Text
Corporate Transparency on Market-Timing Ability through Dutch Auction Stock RepurchaseY. Ling LoViewFull Text
Asymmetric Signaling Power of Insider Trading and Its Impact on Information Environment and Market ReactionsKam C. Chan and Joanne LiViewFull Text
Impact of Nontradeable Share Reform of the A-share Market on China-Related Stock MarketsYang-Cheng Lu, Tsang-Yao Chang and Hao FangViewFull Text
Spring2013Volume 5No. 1
Failure to Trade: The Curious Case of Two Argus Futures ContractsYiuman Tse and Michael WilliamsViewFull Text
The Need for Ethical Reform in the US Financial IndustryJennifer McGillivary and Hung-Gay FungViewFull Text
The Greening of Finance: A Brief OverviewElizabeth S. CoopermanViewFull Text
Fall/Winter2012Volume 4No. 3/4
Real Interest Rate Rarity for East Asian Countries Based on China with Two Structural BreaksHsu-Ling Chang, Yan Liu and Chi-Wei SuViewFull Text
Optimal International Portfolio Strastegy: Utilizing Different Caps Stocks in Emerging and Eveloped CountriesKuo-Hao Lee and Wei Jen HsiehViewFull Text
The Application of Public and Private Information to the Prediction of Abnormal Returns and Portfolio ManagementYang-Cheng Lu, Yu-Chen Wei and Yi-Wei LuiViewFull Text
Summer2012Volume 4No. 2
Executive Compensation and Hedging Behavior: Evidence from TaiwanMing-Cheng Wu,Szu-Lang Liao and Yi-Ting HuangViewFull Text
The Efficiency of Banks and Financial Crisis in a Developing Economy: The Case of JordanRami Zeitun and Hicham BenjellounViewFull Text
Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: Evidence from Environmentally Sensitive Industries in the USAVirginia Pled and George Emmanuel IatridisViewFull Text
Do Shareholder Proposals Affect Corporate Climate Change Reporting and Policies?John Byrd and Elizabeth S.CoopermanViewFull Text
Spring2012Volume 4No. 1
Sustainable Insurance Firms in Unsustainable Economic Times: Do Sustainable Corporate Policies Matter in Times of Financial Crisis?Lee Colquit, Claire Crutchley and Steve SwidlerViewFull Text
The Use of Credit Default Swaps in the Insurance Industry: Evidence from U.S Life and Property-Casualty Insurance CompaniesHung-Gay Fung, Min-Ming Wen and Gaiyan ZhangViewFull Text
Are banks Opaque?John S. Howe and K.Stephen HaggardViewFull Text
Does Herding Behavior in Chinese Markets React to Global Markets?Thomas C. Chiang,Jiandong Lee and Lin TanViewFull Text
Winter2011Volume 3No. 4
A Life Cycle Analysis of U.S. Mutual FundsLeng LingViewFull Text
Commodity Prices and Currency Rates: An Intraday AnalysisYiuman Tse and Lin ZhaoViewFull Text
On the Performance Drivers of U.S.Treasury Inflation-Protected SecuritiesXiaoqing Eleanor XuViewFull Text
Selling on the News: Does Sound Corporate Governance Mitigate the Negative Contagion EffectChung-Hua Shen and Hsiang-Hsuan ChihViewFull Text
Nonlinear Casual Nexus between Stock Prices and Real Activity: Evidence from Developed CountriesShyh-Wei Chen and Hsu-Wen ChenViewFull Text
Fall2011Volume 3No. 3
Corporate Environmental Performance, Disclosure and Leverage: An Integrated ApproachElizabeth Connors and Lucia S. GaoViewFull Text
Toward a New Paradigm for Corporate Financial Management in the Wake of the Global Financial CrisisHung-Gay Funga, Jr-Ya Wu and Jot YauViewFull Text
Empirical Evidence on the Causality among Yield Curve Factors and Macroeconomic DeterminantsChien-Yun Chang, Chen-Yu Chen and Jian-Hsin ChouViewFull Text
Management Behaviour in Indian Commercial BanksKalluru Siva ReddyViewFull Text
Summer2011Volume 3No. 2
Prediction of Bank Failures Using Combined Micro and Macro DataChung-Hua Shen and Meng-Fen HsiehViewFull Text
Institutions and soft budget constraintsMario Bergare,Jorge Ponce and Leandro ZipitriaViewFull Text
On the influence of expectations over international stock returns and macroeconomic variablesCarlos Pinho and Mara MadalenoViewFull Text
Management Demography and Auditor Choice: The Case of ChinaLouis T.W. Cheng and T.Y.LeungViewFull Text
Spring2011Volume 3No. 1
The Timing of Insider Trades around Earnings Announcements: Evidence from CEOs, CFOs, and COOsYong-Chul Shin and Weimin WangViewFull Text
Financial Theory, Breakdown of Separation Theorems, and Corporate PoliciesHung-Gay Fung, Jot Yau and Gaiyan ZhangViewFull Text
Hands in the Cookie Jar? The Case of Management BuyoutsKai Chen,Yong-Cheol Kim and Richard D. MarcusViewFull Text
Can the Street Information Improve the Corporate Distress Diagnosis? Evidence from TaiwanMeng-Fen Hsieh and Jui-Chang ChengViewFull Text
Winter2010Volume 2No. 4
The Impact of Financial Restatements on Audit Fees: Consideration of Restatement SeverityYoung-Won Her, Jane Lim and Myungsoo SonViewFull Text
Revisiting Mean Reversion in the Stock Prices for both the U.S. and its Major Trading Partners: Threshold Unit Root TestChun-An Li and Tsung-Hsien ChenViewFull Text
The Impact of Internationalization on Firm Performance: A Quantile Regression AnalysisTan (Charlene) Lee, Kam C. Chan, Jin-Huei Yeh and Hsin-Ya ChanViewFull Text
Do Mortgage REITs Reflect the Underlying MBS Market Performance?Xiaoqing Eleanor XuViewFull Text
Fall2010Volume 2No. 3
Corporate Governance and Risk of DefaultChia-Jane Wang and Jane-Raung LinViewFull Text
Environmental Risk and Shareholder Returns: Evidence from the Announcement of the Toxic 100 IndexKenneth Bettenhausen,John Byrd and Elizabeth S. CoViewFull Text
A Study of the Anomalies of Initial Public Offerings on the Tehran Stock ExchangeRezvan Hejazi,Mahdi Salehi and Zeinab HaghbinViewFull Text
Information Content Change under SFAS No.131's Interim Segment Reporting RequirementsCho, Joong-Seok ViewFull Text
Summer2010Volume 2No. 2
Long-term Performance of the Issuance of Employee Stock Options for Firms in Taiwan: Evidence from the Free Cash Flow TheoryWen-Yi Lin and Pei-Shan TsaiViewFull Text
Financial Policies and the Agency Costs of Free Cash Flow: Evidence from the Oil IndustryJohn ByrdViewFull Text
The Effect of Net Buying Pressure on Implied Volatility: Empirical Study on Taiwan’s Options MarketChang-Wen Duan and Ken HungViewFull Text
A Study of the Effect of Financial Leverage on Earnings Response Coefficient through out the Income Approach: Iranian EvidenceMehdi Moradi, Mahdi Salehi and Zakiheh ErfanianViewFull Text
A Cross-Industry Analysis of Investors' Reaction to Information Surprises: Evidence from NASDAQ SectorsPeter J.Busha,Seyed M.Mehdian and Mark J.PerryViewFull Text
Spring2010Volume 2No. 1
A Generalized Markowitz Portfolio Selection Model with Higher MomentsChin W. Yang and Ken HungViewFull Text
Institutional Ownership, Managerial Ownership and Dividend Policy in Bank Holding CompaniesYuan Wen and Jingyi JiaViewFull Text
How Much Is Too Much? The Case of the Anheuser-Busch INBEV TakeoverG.D. HancockViewFull Text
Activity Based Costing Model for Cost Calculation In Gas Companies: Empirical Evidence of IranMahdi Salehi, Rezvan Hejazi, Nazanin Bashiri Manesh, and Avini BulvarViewFull Text
Broad-based Employee Stock Ownership Incentives and Contracting EfficiencyJohn P. DaleyViewFull Text
Spring2009Volume 1No. 1
Do Foreign Shares Affect the Performance of LocalBanks? A Micro ViewChung-Hua Shen,Bor-Yi Huang and Meng-Wen WuViewFull Text
Why Do Poorly Performing Firms Pay Cash Dividends in Mainland China?Louis T. W. Cheng, Hung-Gay Fung and T. Y. LeungViewFull Text
The Impact on IPOs Issued by Fraudulent UnderwritersYung Ling LoViewFull Text
Another Look at Director IndependenceJohn Byrd,Elizabeth S. Cooperman and Glenn A. WolfViewFull Text
Informational Efficiency of Credit Default Swap and Stock markets: The impact of Adverse Credit EventsGaiyan ZhangViewFull Text
Do Options Contribute to Price Discovery in Emerging Markets?Kam C. Chan,Yuan-Chen Chang and Peter P. LungViewFull Text