Volume 12
  • Monetary Policy Uncertainty, Expected RMB Volatility, and Yield Spreads between Dim Sum Bonds and China’s Domestic Corporate Bonds
    Hsing-I Lin, Shuh-Chyi Doong, and Chung-Ying Yeh
  • Reexamining Gibrat’s Law for Equity Funds of Taiwan Using SPSM Tests
    Ke Ma, Tsangyao Chang, Ming-Guan Huang, and Ting-Yu Lien
  • The Roles of Regulation, Concentration, and Corporate Governance in the Relationship of Non-Interest Income and Bank Risk
    Hsiao-Jung Chen and I Gusti Agung Musa Budidarma
  • The Impact of Hospitality Homicides on the Stock Prices of Targeted Firms
    Nathan Mauck, Michael J. McNamara, and Stephen W. Pruitt