Volume 2
  • Long-term Performance of the Issuance of Employee Stock Options for Firms in Taiwan: Evidence from the Free Cash Flow Theory
    Wen-Yi Lin and Pei-Shan Tsai
  • Financial Policies and the Agency Costs of Free Cash Flow: Evidence from the Oil Industry
    John Byrd
  • The Effect of Net Buying Pressure on Implied Volatility: Emp.irical Study on Taiwan’s Options Market
    Chang-Wen Duan and Ken Hung
  • A Study of the Effect of Financial Leverage on Earnings Response Coefficient through out the Income Approach: Iranian Evidence
    Mehdi Moradi, Mahdi Salehi and Zakiheh Erfanian
  • A Cross-Industry Analysis of Investors' Reaction to Information Surprises: Evidence from NASDAQ Sectors
    Peter J.Busha,Seyed M.Mehdian and Mark J.Perry